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How can my Business benefit from ET’s Elastic Workforce Model?

With the rise of cloud computing, remote work, and other digital technologies, many companies are turning to an elastic workforce model to leverage the benefits of a more agile, cost-effective, and scalable workforce.

This model allows businesses to access a global talent pool, reduce overhead costs, and respond quickly to changing market conditions. Our unique “Rapid Delivery Model with Accountability to Deliver Outcomes” helps clients to move faster, reducing the cost and time to market significantly.

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Why EurekaTeams?

EurekaTeams introduces Workforce as a Solution (WaaS) model to create a win-win situation for both clients and talent. We are uniquely positioned to provide Flexibility of a freelancer network + Accountability of traditional tech companies, empowering your business with elastic talent workforce

On-demand access to specialized talent

Agile and diverse elastic workforce taking full accountability of outcomes

Easy scale up or down options to meet changing business demands

Rapid project initiation within a week

No long-term contracts, payment structure based on hours utilized.

Tailored team hiring for optimal resource utilization







How it Works

#1 Engage

To build a dynamic and adaptable workforce, engage talent with single specialized skill or assemble dedicated teams that can operate efficiently for short-term to medium-term engagements, ranging from a few hours to several months.

#2 Execute

Upon your satisfaction with the team of your choice, we will manage all subsequent operations. Your selected team will be prepared for seamless integration within a matter of days, enabling a swift and efficient project initiation.

#3 Reboot

Post-project completion, you can retain the same team or adapt your workforce based on project needs. Our agile talent solutions empower you to pivot and refresh your workforce as needed, allowing for a seamless reboot of your operations.

EurekaTeams Advantage

At every stage, we maintain a high level of accountability to ensure your utmost satisfaction. To ensure a seamless and stress-free experience, we take full ownership of assembling your team and delivering project milestones promptly.

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Snapshot of Existing Talent Pool

Our global network of technology experts provides a platform to rapidly set up focused teams across latest technology stacks and diverse business backgrounds, while our core team ensures customer focus and business viability.

What Our Clients Say

Amit Lonkar

Head of Technology Operations

Optessa, AI-driven Product Company

Ray Diwakar

Chief Product & Technology Officer

Awareness Technologies

Head of Technology Operations

Leading Cybersecurity Company

EurekaTeam's plug-and-play resourcing model helped us set up an extended GCP and AWS support team with minimal ramp up time. The team was pivotal in helping us meet tight deadlines while achieving high quality of work in security assessment, Infrastructure automation, network segregation, backup management and cost optimization

EurekaTeam's elastic resourcing model allowed us to onboard high-end AWS, GCP, React, and .NET talent along with an ISO-27002 auditor within a week. Their rapid development model was instrumental in transforming our flagship product in record time. Access to their global talent network has saved us significant hiring costs and helped us achieve faster time to market

EurekaTeam's in-depth AWS & GCP knowledge has made our cloud environments more streamlined, secure and incident free, while saving cloud subscription cost through license rationalization. Our monthly cloud management costs have come down by 50%. They are a reliable partner, take 100% accountability and are very flexible with resource onboarding & offboarding

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