Tech Squad Spearheads Transformation and Streamlining of Cloud-based IT Operations

Business Objective

The client's operations relied on an AWS-based cloud infrastructure, which presented numerous operational and security vulnerabilities, resulting in recurring budget overruns and schedule delays.


  • A team of two highly skilled AWS Solution Architects conducted a comprehensive evaluation of the client's Operations and Security environments.
  • Based on their findings, a detailed roadmap and instruction manual were developed to establish a dedicated Tech Squad for continuous support.
  • Within a swift two-week timeframe, three parallel teams were assembled to streamline operational controls, strengthen security controls, and enhance the DevOps pipeline, ensuring optimized performance across these critical areas.

Business Benefits

  • Following an intensive 6-week support period, the client's Level 1 support team witnessed a remarkable reduction of 80% in its size.

  • Notably, the frequency of escalations plummeted from 4-5 incidents per month to a remarkable zero, indicative of a significant improvement in overall operational efficiency.

  • Cloud Infrastructure operational cost slashed by over 50%, decreasing from $92K to $45K monthly.