Strengthening Company’s Security Posture through Comprehensive Enhancements and Infrastructure Automation

Business Objective

In the wake of a significant cybersecurity attack, the client seeks a consulting team capable of conducting a thorough assessment of their existing infrastructure systems' security limitations. The primary goal is to implement a resilient security and monitoring service to fortify the company's overall security posture.


  • In response to the client's security concerns, a highly skilled team consisting of four engineers and architects proficient in AWS and GCP environments was swiftly assembled within a week.
  • Their primary objective was to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the existing infrastructure state and develop a robust security plan for the client.
  • The plan encompassed various security measures, including scheduled scans using AWS services like AWS Inspector, GuardDuty, and AWS Shield to identify security issues such as DDOS and other potential attacks.
  • Additionally, the implementation of monitoring systems utilizing AWS CloudWatch, SNS, and third-party services like Nagios, as well as effective IAM role management for precise access control, were included in the security framework.
  • Following the implementation, the security framework was closely monitored and observed for a period of several weeks to address any potential vulnerabilities. As a result, a robust and comprehensive security system was successfully established for the client.

Business Benefits

  • The implementation of robust security measures led to a substantial reduction in cyber-attacks targeting the company.

  • Due to the diligent monitoring systems, the company was able to generate comprehensive audit data, ensuring a thorough record of security events and activities.

  • Adequate security systems also ensured compliance with industry-specific regulations, such as data protection laws, thus avoiding penalties or legal implications.